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56. Lisa Barrett – The Creative City Poster (signed)

Birmingham Design

56. Lisa Barrett – The Creative City Poster (signed)

As part of The Creative City Exhibition we're auctioning one of a kind prints from our 99 artists, with most of the prints signed (shown in title – however, if listed unsigned we can work to get it signed for you), this is your opportunity to own a piece of BDF history.

Each poster is sized 800x1200mm on satin blue-back billposter paper, the same size as shown in the exhibition with postage included in the auction price. (due to the nature of the paper there may be some minor creases and inperfections.

In order to make a bid you must create an account. Successfull bidders will be required to pay on completion of the auciton.

50% of the sales from each poster will go to the artist, 40% to BDF to help support the festival and 10% to homeless charity SIFA Fireside

About the artist and work

Lisa Barrett is an independent graphic designer and member of design collective Life+Soul. She also proudly co-runs Ladies Wine & Design the Birmingham Chapter.

‘It runs in our veins here’ was inspired by the idea that creativity in all its forms is the lifeblood of a city. I’ve always felt inspired that Birmingham was founded on resilience, our industrious past makes us determined problem solvers, we don’t boast, but quietly within us we have a tenacity and vision to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

Creativity allows us to solve problems big and small, to survive and regenerate, rebuild and repurpose, it changes lives, provokes thought, creates beauty, inspires culture, changes fashion – it keeps a city alive.


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